Land-register geo-survey

 "...knowledge of where and what..."


In the need of a boundary or residential survey? You are in the right place!

All of MDP GEO services are always reviewed and approved by the Registered Professional Land Surveyor in order to be accepted by the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Land Register. Nevertheless, any output of cadastral geo-survey is processed according to our client's needs and purposes.


When do I need a geo-surveyor?

Mostly when I wish to:

  • re-establish the property boundaries (boundary geo-survey)
  • divide or establish a new property boundary (boundary geo-survey)
  • fix the scope of easements and/or right-of-way
  • record a building (or its new extension) into the cadaster
  • have an elaborate/drawing of a geo-survey

Do not be afraid to ask: