Remote sensing


Remote sensing represents the acquisition of information about an object without making physical contact with the object (its surface).


  • mapping
  • environmental studies/forestry
  • crisis management
  • geology
  • meteorology
  • agriculture
  • hydrology
  • cubic capacity calculation


MDP GEO will help you with:

  • rectification and/or orthorectification of aerial and satellite images
  • geometric and radiogeometric corrections, images overlay (mosaicking), colour correction
  • classification (multispectral, textural, subpixel, multitemporal), surface category detection, selected objects and phenomenon highlighting, mapping in combination of remote sensing data and in-situ obtained data
  • vegetation indexes
  • aerial and satellite map production
  • 3D terrain/surface model
  • relief analysis (inclination, orientation, visibility, profiles)
  • 3D visualization (VirtualGIS)
  • GIS data updates based on aerial or/and satellite images data

....and many others depending on our clients requirements in a combination of other data using GIS and CAD tools.


Lom Olbramovice

Example of the ERDAS software output – quarry visualization together with extracted stone calculation.

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