Who we are

We assist in the registration of management control and the management of property.

We map, digitize real estate and find out the current technical condition of a property.

We design an efficient asset management and maintenance system so that our assets and resources are used efficiently.

We optimize operating costs over the lifetime of a construction and real estate.


What are we doing?

We have been making history since 1995 in:

  • Geodetic work
  • Engineering networks
  • Inventory and passport of property
  • Remote land survey
  • GIS
  • Strategy, SmartCity
  • Systems for Facility Management, FMS
  • Passport of buildings, BIM





We have implemented a management system according to ISO 9001: 2016, ISO 14001: 2016, OHAS 18001: 2008


Our experience and highly professional approach to addressing the needs of our partners are demonstrated by many good references.