Utility networks

Digitization and layout of utility networks

Digitization and layout of utility networks. Don't you know how to find out the utility lines? Would you like to target underground cables and pipes? Quality property management or the preparation of smart city projects cannot do without finding uderground networks. More efficient facility management, lower risk of errors and better planning of future work – these are the benefits of digitizing underground utility networks. 



How we proceed with the digitization of the engineering infrastructure:

 Acquisition and consolidation of existing data: First, we find out all available information. We will contact local network operators, infrastructure managers of cities and municipalities and request existing documentation. The obtained data can take many different forms, formats and standards. That's why we unify and consolidate the data so that it harmonizes with each other. Specifically this means converting them to a United Exchangeable Format of Digital Technical Maps of the Czech Republic.

 Finding and locating underground networks: Radar detectors, pipe inspection cameras, electromagnetic probes, probes for the location of cables and pipes, ground-penetrating radars, GPS equipment - we will use all these technologies to obtain accurate information about the depth and location of the underground infrastructure.

 Digital Technical Map (DTM): Now we have all the necessary data to do the key step – to create a digital technical map. The DTM contains information about the location, depth, type and condition of underground networks. The use of specialized GIS software will allow us to store, process and update all this data.

 Integration with other systems: For effective monitoring, maintenance and planning we need to integrate the digital map of the underground networks into the overall asset management system and smart city projects. We also need a user-friendly way to use the obtained data. Our solution is the facility management software GIS Octopus.

 Data security: Utility networks data is often sensitive and we need to secure them. We will ensure only authorized persons have access to your information.

 Update and maintenance: We will stay in touch with you. We will take care of regular updates of changes, fixes and new installations.