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Engineering networks


Do you know where the utility lines on your property lead?

Need to search and locate underground LV cables?

Do you need find the way to locate underground public lighting cables?

Do you need monitoring and sewerage search?

Do you need to find and measure the water supply?

Do you need to find out the underground course of heat distribution?


Our experienced technicians, with centimeter accuracy, locate and geodetically locate cables or pipes.

We will find out the method of connection and technical condition of the network including the collection of selected technical data.

We will digitise technical documentation of utilities in GIS.


I need to know the exact location of utilities when:

  • I plan to build new buildings and need to know the exact point of connection,
  • I am planning the reconstruction of existing engineering networks,
  • deal with media failures or leaks on existing engineering networks,
  • deal with property rights and easements of service use.
  • as a utility operator and as a participant in construction, I issue statements on the course of utility networks


When I have up-to-date technical documentation and know the exact location of utilities, I avoid:

  • time and financial losses during project preparation and construction
  • time and financial losses in troubleshooting;
  • Conflict with affected landowners through which the IS leads;
  • unnecessary costs and publicity of cases of supply disruption due to accidents or tipping over;
  • unnecessary costs associated with digging probes to locate "unknown" utility networks


Our clients:

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