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Strategy and Smart City

Strategy and Smart City

Citizens, visitors, councilors and officials want to build a smart city.

A city in which it is better to live, work, do business, learn, raise children, have fun, play sports, breathe.

A city that everyone will love.

How to achieve? What about people, what about the group, that different opinion? Citizens want information. What with this?


What do you need to know to build a long-term Smart City strategy?

  • What do citizens want?
  • What does the city administration want?
  • What is the basic architecture of smart services and infrastructure in the city?
  • What are the safety requirements parameters?
  • How will I collect current technical-socio-economic data on problematic phenomena in the area? (transport and mobility, parking, energy, environment, health, housing, education, culture, sport ..)
  • How will I process, use, update and present collected data to citizens?


Missing Smart City Strategy?

You can't park in the city, it's dangerous on your bike, local roads are clogged, there's a hole and there's no way to walk on the pavement?

Do you need to restore 20-year-old public lighting and want to start better with energy management?

Do you need to gradually reconstruct old buildings, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, gymnasiums, apartments? Are you missing documentation, projects and money for reconstruction?

Without subsidies it will not work and you do not know where to start?

Do you solve the problem with waste, water management, sewerage of the village? Do you want to better maintain water in the landscape? Does it need runoff analysis?

Do you have no conception of development of sport, culture and the development of tourism?

Do you address GDPR privacy in your company or city?