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  • System for Facility management

System for Facility management


Facility management is a set of management methods that help enterprise align their work environment, workers and work activities. It includes the principles of business administration, architecture, humanities and technical sciences.

Facility management is an area of ​​management that includes the provision and development of infrastructure and services to support and increase the effectiveness of the organization's core processes.

Since every business, every enterprise, every office has an infrastructure, property or work environment, facility management in some form affects every organization.


GIS OCTOPUS Asset Management System includes the following processes and system modules:

  • real estate, land, easements, rents, contracts - GIS OCTOPUS
  • passport of buildings, management of buildings and internal equipment, utilities - GIS OCTOPUS BIM
  • passportisation, inventorying, preventive maintenance, breakdown service -  GIS OCTOPUS INVENTOR
  • public greenery - INVENTORY GREENERY
  • local communications - INVENTORY TRANSPORT
  • waste management - INVENTORY WASTE
  • water and sewerage - INVENTORY SEWAGE
  • public lighting - INVENTORY LIGHTING
  • heat management - INVENTORY HEATING
  • energy management - GIS OCTOPUS ENERGY
  • crisis management and environmental protection - GIS OCTOPUS SAFETY
  • management, development and overall harmonisation of the - GIS OCTOPUS IoT